OFG Deloadaz Rubber Deadlift Barbell Jack Alternative for Efficiently Load Unload of Weight Lifting Plates Ideal for Strength and Fitness 2 Gray

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With the Deloadaz Rubber Deadlift Barbell Jack Alternative, you no longer have to waste your energy lifting the weight plates onto your barbell.  The Rubber Barbell Jack is the safe and easy way to prepare your barbell for a weight training session.

Made from durable, hard elastic rubber, the non-slip Barbell Jack Alternative resembles an oversized door stop.  Simply roll the weight plates up the angled ramp and onto the bar.  The contoured loading groove raises and grips the inner plate so you can use both hands to add or remove outer plates.  The back end of the Jack Alternative stabilizes the bar and keeps heavily loaded barbells from rolling off.

Traditional barbell jacks are heavy, and so expensive that most commercial gyms don’t even have them.  The compact and portable Deloadaz Rubber Deadlift Barbell Jack Alternative measures just 9"x1-3/4"x1-1/4".  The Barbell Jack Alternative includes an 8" x 11" drawstring carry bag which fits nicely into your gym bag.  If you have a home gym, you can thread the drawstring through the holes in the Barbell Jack and hang it so it's always close at hand.  The Jack Alternative comes in your choice of colors.

Whether you lift weights at home or are a member of a gym, the Deloadaz Rubber Deadlift Barbell Jack Alternative is the safest and most efficient way to load and unload your weights.  Save your energy and buy one today!

  • Effortlessly stack barbell plates on a bar by rolling the weights up the ramp
  • Available in many colors and package size, has wider base, and a hole for hanging
  • Great for low friction removal of free weight plates can minimize prep time and save energy for the lift
  • Made out of hard elastic rubber
  • Dimensions wedge 9"x1-3/4"x1-1/4" bag 8x11