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OFG - 3 Mens Silicone Wedding Band - Black 8mm

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3 Mens Silicone Wedding Band - Black 8mm

The OFG Gen II Black Silicone Wedding Band is the safe alternative for anyone who works with their hands or partakes in strenuous sports and activities. This sophisticated band is durable enough for abrasive endeavors like rock climbing, yet fashionable enough for every-day wear. With the OFG Silicone Wedding Band, you never have to be without this symbol of your eternal commitment.

The safe wedding ring for every career or activity

The OFG Gen II Silicone Wedding Band is the most realistic silicone wedding ring available. It has no tell-tale mold lines or embossed textures to indicate that it is anything except traditional. We molded it to a nominal thickness of just 2 mm so it is unobtrusive, unlike other bulkier silicone rings. The OFG Gen II Silicone Wedding Band is hypoallergenic and non-reactive, never irritating skin or becoming altered by chemicals. It breaks apart when subjected to more than 40 pounds of pressure so mechanics and machinists can wear it safely. Its non-conductive properties won't convey electricity, making it safe for electricians, EMTs and other emergency responders. Best of all, the OFG Gen II Silicone Wedding Band fits comfortably, even over the biggest knuckles.

Sophisticated enough to be your full-time wedding ring

The OFG Gen II Silicone Wedding Ring is ideal as a stand-in for your metal ring while you lift weights, attend weekend drill or re-wire the house. Tuck away your expensive ring for safe keeping in a drawer while you wear the OFG Wedding Ring to the gym. Or make the OFG Wedding Ring your full-time band.

Honor your love in all that you do. Add the OFG Gen II Silicone Wedding Band to your cart today.

  • LOOKS LIKE A TRADITIONAL WEDDING BAND because the OFG Gen II ring has no mold lines. Molded to just 2 mm thickness to achieve the appearance of a standard metal wedding ring
  • BREAK-AWAY DESIGN non-conductive silicone The OFG Wedding Ring is ideal for auto mechanics and electricians.
  • 3 Black MEDICAL-GRADE SILICONE is hypoallergenic and friendly to the most sensitive skin. Our ring is inert so it won't react to chemicals or acids.
  • Men's 8 mm Available in whole sizes 8-15, our ring fits securely over the biggest knuckles without hindering the ability to grasp the tools of your trade.
  • COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE to withstand strenuous workouts, weightlifting, rock climbing and swimming without digging into finger webbing. Wear it as a substitute ring, or make it your full-time band.


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