Level III - Wide Base - Hardest Pushup

Level III - Wide Base - Hardest Pushup

By Ohio Fitness Garage

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OFG Isometric Push Up Bar Fitness Exercise and Workout Equipment, Textured an...

T-Grip Pushup Bars

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  • Color: Advanced Wide

Less pain, more gain Traditional pushups performed with your hands on the floor can put undue stress on your wrists, resulting in pain and possibly even injuries. OFG Isometric Push Up Bars allow you to perform these exercises without that pain. Additionally, they let you lower yourself closer to the floor, increasing how hard your muscles work. This gives you the ability to amplify the development of key muscle groups and help you reach your fitness or body sculpting goals more quickly. Designed for long-lasting durability OFG Isometric Push Up Bars are made with the highest quality heavy-duty steel so they will not flex or bow during use. Then they are powder coated to ensure their resistance to corrosion. We developed 3 different configurations to give you variety and versatility in your workouts. Choose from our 6" x 5" T-Grip Bars with protective floor stops; our 32" Bidirectional Bar; or our 32" Omnidirectional Bar for truly challenging stability exercises. Or purchase them all! Their small profiles are perfect for your home gym or garage, and store quickly and easily in a closet or even under a bed. Bigger, better, faster, more Why waste your time doing normal push ups that produce lackluster results? OFG Isometric Push Up Bars are twice as effective, improving balance and working shoulder muscles that go unaffected by traditional push ups. Integrating the workout effects of several pieces of equipment into 1 seamless product results in explosive results in the most efficient and effective way possible. OFG Isometric Push Up Bars are also a great way to break from a dull and repetitive fitness routine. A body of steel requires a hardcore workout. Add OFG Isometric Push Up Bars to your cart today.


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  • STRENGTHEN KEY MUSCLE GROUPS like the wrists, forearms, shoulders and pecs, and increase your range of motion. Ideal for those engaged in MMA, Muay Thai and other martial arts.
  • CHOOSE FROM our 6 x 5 Advanced T-Grip Bars with removable floor stops; our 32 Level I Bidirectional Bar; or our 32 Intermediate Level II Omnidirectional Bar.
  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL made in the USA ensures long-lasting durability for all your health and fitness training needs. Black powder coating provides enhances rust resistance.
  • IDEALLY SIZED for both home and commercial gym use, you can target your upper body and core muscles using stability forces. OFG Isometric Push Up Bars offer perfect push up form for any body type.
  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures your satisfaction. If you are not delighted by the durability and effectiveness of OFG Isometric Push Up Bars, return them for a 100% refund of your purchase price.


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