OFG Pinch Grip 6 Set Block Grip Cannon Ball Hub Plate Loading Pin for Strength Exercise Training in Gripping Wrist Forearm and Strongman Climbing Power Lifting Gymnastics Black Powder Coated Steel

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OFG Pinch Grip 6 Set Block Grip Cannon

6 Tools to increase your Pinch Grip Strength This kit will give you the equipment to build and test your Pinch Grip Strength. This is great for all kinds of athletes, including gymnasts, strongman, power lifters, weightlifters, crossfitters, and much more. Can also be used to rehab (rehabilitate) your wrist and hands after an injury.

  • 6 Piece Pinch Gripping Set for Increasing Forearm Wrist & Finger Strength
  • Target Your Pinching Muscles Different Ways Through Using a Loading Pin With Pinch Blocks
  • Made Out of Steel with a Heavy Duty Black Textured Factory Applied Powder Coating
  • Packing Includes 4" diameter Hub Style Gripper, 2" & 4" Pinch Block, 3 Inch Cannon (Wrecking) ball, 1/4" Pinch Plate, and 10" Olympic Loading Pin
  • Great Tool For Improving Your Strength in Lifts,Holds,Walks, and Climbing