Climbing Pegboard Mounting Bracket Kit for Concrete Walls one 12" board

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Climbing Pegboard Mounting Bracket Kit for one 12" board
  • ✦ For use with Mount peg boards on brick or concrete walls
  • ✦ Contains screws to attach back plate to board, lead screw anchors to sink in wall (after drilling holes) and screws to attach plate and board flush with wall
  • ✦ 12" board mounts at the ends
  • ✦ Complete with all hardware for mounting pegboard to brick or concrete
  • ✦ UPS
  • ✦ CAUTION: Purchaser assumes all mounting liability
  • ✦ Must be mounted to secure surface
  • ✦ Package size 18"(Length) x 4"(Width) x 4"(Height)

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  • Question is the dimension 12" wide ?

    Yes, this was designed to mount a 12” nominal or 11.5” actual width climbing pegboard.

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