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How to Use a Sissy Squat Bench

  • Easiness in assembling it
  • Size: 42" long x 16" wide x 20" high
  • Distance from the foot plate to the top of the pad: 19"
  • Distance from the floor to the top of the pad: 22"
  • Compact, with small footprint
  • Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Adjustable leg extension support, easy to release, thanks to the special pop pin
  • Plate base shape: diamond, with a solid platform
  • Manufacturing country: China
  • Works with or without a barbell
  • Suitable for advanced athletes but also for beginners
  • Can be the perfect squat progression training tool for the Bulgarian One Leg Split Squat
  • Excellent for toning and ripping hamstring muscles during bodybuilding exercise routines
  • Suitable for abdominal workouts and core strengthening routines

Sissy Squat Machine is the ideal fitness equipment that can help you use the correct technique when performing full squats, as it requires you to keep your lower leg in vertical position. Thanks to the oversized pads, you'll benefit from reliable support while working out. The small footprint of this gym equipment recommends it as the ideal choice for any commercial gym, personal training studio, or sports facility.

 Body Parts Worked

  1. Quadriceps (Vastus Lateralis, Rectus Femoris, Vastus Medialis)
  2. Abdominals
  3. Gluteus Maximus 


Ask a Question
  • What is the max weight capacity allowed for this equipment (Sissy Squat machine)?

    The weight capasity is 300 pounds

  • When will it be back in stock? How much to ship to Canada?

    In about 30 days. And Yes I do ship to Canada 

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