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Olympic Angled Swiss Bar
  • 55 lbs Steel barbell
  • 4 Grip styles
  • 84" length
  • solid steel construction 
  • Multi-grip handle 
  • 2 inch 50 mm diameter sleeves
  • Capacity 750 pounds
  • Made in China

Swiss Bar is a versatile, multi-purpose Bar. With the Swiss Barbell, you can choose from 4 different grip positions. Swiss Bar can be used with a neutral grip (palms facing each other) during your press and rowing movements. This not only gives you the necessary variation, but it also brings your elbows close to the body which relieves stress in the shoulders. This is ideal for people who are recovering from shoulder injuries but still need to keep training.

Swiss Bar Benefits

  • Can reduce shoulder pain in some athletes
  • Full Neutral Grip 
  • Several Grips to target chest to triceps 



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