OFG - (2 Sets) Swole Fitness Workout Dice

OFG - (2 Sets) Swole Fitness Workout Dice

By Ohio Fitness Garage

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Random Fitness Routines 5 No-Equipment

Variety is the key to enjoying your workout. If you reach a point where you are bored and watch the clock the whole time, you are more likely to skip the gym. SWOLE Dice bring variety to your fitness routine, wherever you are at. Our set of 6 workout dice will give you 46,000 different workout combinations, so every workout will be different than the previous one. One die calls for some light equipment, while the other six dice dictate repetition numbers and targeted workout groups such as cardio, upper body, lower body, and core. No aspect of a complete workout is overlooked by SWOLE Dice. Fun is a big motivational factor to workout success, too. Use SWOLE Dice with fitness partners to infuse fun and competition. SWOLE Dice are six durable laser-printed dice that are completely transportable. Slip them into a jacket pocket, a lunch bag, a gym bag or luggage. SWOLE Dice bring the variety and fun with them, no matter where they go. Add SWOLE Dice to your cart today, and reinvent your fitness routine with every roll of SWOLE.

  • 2 Sets of 6 Dice
  • COMPETE with others to add fun and motivation to your exercise regimen
  • TARGETED aspect of for each die: repetitions; upper body; lower body; cardio; the core
  • VARIETY keeps workouts interesting. 46,000+ possible workout combinations


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